To fall is normal. Do not be afraid of falling

When a baby learns to walk, he starts to crawl, then begins to walk, occasionally dropping to his knees. A child drops until he begins to feel confident and stand firmly on his feet. When a child falls, he feels the pain, he still gets to his feet, trying to move on, despite all difficulties and failures.

An adult is afraid of learning to walk because he is afraid of moral and physical pain. In other words, he gets withdrawn, retreats into his shells and tolerates with the problem. In this case, he thinks that his problem is insolvable. He tolerates with the problem pretending that everything is OK. For decades he sits in a wheelchair and does not even try to get up from that seat. So, they literally live in a wheelchair. Why is the “chair”? The chair is a place for relaxation, comfort, or a place to travel in. Why must a disabled person necessary be chained to it? I do not mean the people who have debilitated muscles or whose legs are not suitable for walking, or those who do not have legs at all. I am talking about people who have barriers of pain and fear of falling. If you have never tried to learn to walk, then you lost your chance to live life. Do not be afraid to fall! To fall is normal, but not to try and just sit in a wheelchair is not normal. Because the attempt to find a new way to walk independently, even if this attempt fails, is much better than do nothing. A negative result is also the result.

If you’re afraid to fall and hurt the legs, hands and head, do not be afraid. Start slowly. First, try to get on all fours, and then try to crawl, etc. You try several times a day, for a month, for a year! Only when you have tried numerous times and have failed, can you give in and relax.

I learned to walk due to the wisdom of my mother. When I was 3-4 years old, I began to crawl rapidly. My mom put me next to wall cabinet, and made walk one step, then two steps holding on to the furniture. Then she walked away from me, one step, then two steps. I was afraid to go, but I had to. Mom handed me the ropes, and then went to the threads, while my body balance was shaky. For me, every step was a way to overcome the fear, falls, pain, breaks of my knees and tears, but I started going this way.

Author: Viktoriya

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