Mobile Para Arts Cafe “YOU and Me”

 Mobile Para Arts Cafe “YOU and Me”: Monthly gathering of disabled and non-disabled artists showcasing their art and talent at disability accessible venues throughout Brooklyn, starting in District 47,44,45,46, 48. Our goal would be to expand these events citywide. Each event is structured as a networking creative hub where both disabled and non-disabled artists mingle and showcase their artistry in visual, literature, or performance art. The goal of this program is to create collaborative works between disabled and non-disabled artists in different art fields and genres. Works will be presented at a final gala, hopefully summer 2023, where their achievements will be presented to public and city officials. All works will be showcased on Para Arts Foundation’s social media outlets.

These events will highlight the most accessible public spaces in each district that are comfortable and inspiring for both disabled and non-disabled artists. Accessibility will be the first criteria in selecting venues for these events. Absence of accessibility contributes a great deal to the isolation of physically challenged people. Venues chosen will be celebrated on social and other media platforms as examples of transforming NYC public architecture structures for accessibility.

We will extend invitations to politicians, artists, and other famous people to our events. This will provide an opportunity for our respected invited guests to share their success stories and encourage positivity while allowing them to learn more about the work of people with physical disabilities in order to help support their needs through publicity and legislation changes. Each event will be accompanied with a fundraiser to support specific needs of a particular disabled artist such as adaptive equipment, art materials, or creative art space rentals needs.

Author: Viktoriya

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