Save the spine

For people with physical problems, the spine is often the most vulnerable part of the body. This is because the spine is the pillar of our entire organism. If we didn’t have the backbone, we could not walk or move. We’d just crawl like snakes.
Every muscle and bone of our body is more or less subject to the backbone. A similar example is a tree. The tree trunk is our spine, and the branches are our bones and muscles. If the trunk is weak and curved, the tree branches become weak and crooked.
As tension and stress grows, our spines experience tension to some degree. Scoliosis, back pain, fatigue and other problems develop. This is like a tree trunk, when a strong wind blows and it snows or rains. The trunk of the tree must withstand the bad weather. Therefore, sometimes we see trees break in half due to the weather.
Take care of your spine, allow it to rest at least sometimes. Every day, it is desirable to strengthen the back muscles. If we work long hours sitting at the desk, we can take a break for 5 minutes to do 2-3 exercises. Besides, we can stand or walk near the workplace. For those people who can not walk and spend in their chairs all day, ask your closest people to stroked the back several times during the day. That will remove your fatigue and stress on your back. Every stroke has a sedative effect not only on the spine, but on the entire nervous system.
People with back pain must sleep on a hard, not on a soft bed. This will keep the backbone in a steady position for all night. Your back will stretch, and all the muscles will take their places. Thus, we will help your spine to relax and rest for the next day.

Author: Viktoriya

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