Everybody has his or her moral laws. Psychology is a science that studies behavior and processes in the consciousness of people and animals. “The most difficult thing in life is to understand myself,” said Tazl. Psychology as a science has specific qualities that differentiate it from other sciences. Psychology as a system of life occurrences is known to everybody. It appears as a set of sensations, images, ideas and much more. In the scientific sense, the word “psychology” appeared in the sixteenth century. Originally, it was related to the science that studied psychic and mental phenomena. Later, in the sixteenth – nineteenth centuries, the scope of its research expanded to include unconscious human activities. Since the nineteenth century, psychology becomes an independent and experimental area of scientific knowledge.

Currently, psychology is a highly developed system of sciences. It stands out a lot of industries, which constitute relatively self-developing venues of scientific research. The system of psychology continues to develop rapidly (every 4-5 years a new direction appears), and therefore it is more safe to speak about a set of developing psychological sciences rather than about a science of psychology. These sciences can be divided into basic and applied, general and specific.

In psychology, there is an informal theory. This theory states that nothing happens without a reason. All children are born to certain parents and for a particular purpose. As they state, the God has thought out everything, and everything comes in its time. All the people, events, situations do not occur just like that, but with a definite purpose. Each disease is allowed by God, it is given to a sick person to develop our identity in the lifetime. In addition, people who surround us can change with us.

Most people who have physical limitations adopt the mental approach to abstract from the world because they have a disease. They do not want to act, but they allow somebody to act for them. However, I know lots of examples when people with physical limitations understood themselves, overcame the disease and became a full-fledged members of the community. This section of psychology will help you to look into yourself with a fresh eye and change the way you see the world.

Author: Viktoriya

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