The Intuition

People with cerebral palsy or people with disabilities and delicate spirit have a well-developed intuition. These people feel other people and do not welcome anybody to their lives. They have a special understanding of life. If you have wronged them once, they will no longer trust you as before, if at all. Why is this so?

Some people have the most sensitive central nervous system like a radio that is working in a specific wave range and can receive the information from the outside.

Intuition works on the subconscious level, as well as the survival instinct: nothing in life happens for no reason. While a person sleeps, the brain processes the information received throughout the life, calculates all the options and submits it to you like in a game of chess. One wrong move and you will get a mate. They say, when a man’s heart feels an impending disaster, the man feels sickness at heart. That means the brain through the central nervous system transmits information about the approaching danger in the form of a heart feeling.

Healthy people are ruining their central system. They use drugs, alcohol and cigarettes and this dulls the sense of impending danger. The antenna no longer catches the harmony of the world and provides no necessary information to the brain. Neurons are dying by the thousands which results in premature aging, degradation and death.

There are people who should not even look at alcohol and drugs. This is because they are highly sensitive. There is such a term in psychology – a highly sensitive type of people. These people are not like other people and feel this world more deeply. Among people with disabilities, there are many people of this type, but not all.

Author: Viktoriya

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