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Our inaugural public exhibition took place on February 15, 2024, at the Brooklyn Public Library, marking the opening ceremony of the ArtVictory project’s first online exhibition. Titled “Disability is No Barrier to Creativity and Achievement,” the showcase featured over 50 works by artists with physical disabilities from organizations such as ADAPT and the Para Arts Foundation.
The exhibited pieces encompassed a wide array of techniques, themes, and genres, ranging from landscapes and still lifes to portraits and beloved fairy-tale scenes. With mediums including pastel, watercolor, oil, and acrylic, the collection formed a kaleidoscope of vibrant, unconventional, and deeply touching artworks, each carrying its own narrative.

The exhibition aimed at the social rehabilitation of individuals with disabilities through engagement in the creative process of fine art. Dignitaries delivered welcoming addresses at the opening, including Former Councilman Ari Kagan of District 47, Alec Brook-Krasny, New York State Assemblyman for the 46th District, Michael Novakhov, New York State Assemblyman for the 45th District, and representatives from the NYC ADAPT Community Network for people with disabilities, underscoring the project’s significance in social rehabilitation efforts.

It was a truly remarkable event, showcasing the exceptional talent and resilience of all the participating artists. We extend heartfelt gratitude to them for sharing their gifts and determination. These individuals are the heroes of our time: –
Tiye Bharath
Lissette Vega
Dashawn Gamory
Shirelle Wrighton
For a comprehensive overview of the event, including video highlights, please visit the following links:

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