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Dear Our Friends,

Charity fund for people with limited abilities Para Arts Foundation  with support of Councilman Ari Kagan, Department of Cultural Affairs, and Department of Youth City Development (DYCD) is proud to announce project ArtVictory. The aim of the project is to  to help people with physical limitations to leave the isolation in which they have to be, and to provide them the opportunity to expose themselves and their talents to as many people as possible. In fact, we are talking about assisting the artists with physical limitations to share their unique talents through showcasing of their works so that people of New York could familiarize themselves with the art works of their citizens. The project fulfills this through organization of expositions in public places, for example in public libraries, concerts halls, large subway stations. The expositions are planned to be on monthly bases; each exhibition in a new place, with festive opening and closing ceremonies. general public, not online, and make their art to be entangled with everyday life of our community.

The works of 10 selected artists will be exhibited at the public venues for about a month, artists will be invited to the opening and closing ceremony, their works and their profiles will be created on Para Arts Foundation website which artist could also use for their promotional goals. If an artist wants to sell their works, Para Arts Foundation will support the intention and promote it without any commission.

WE INVITE disabled artists, venue providers, catering providers and volunteers to be part of this great project!



Please, send the following to the email with ARTIST in the Subject line:


1. Up to 10 images of your works

2. Your name, contact information, and disability status

3. Links to your social media, websites, art videos (if you have ones)

4. Brief note about yourself and your art

5. Brief note on how the organization like ours could be useful to you and your carrier and what help you as an artist with disability need the most at this point.


Please contact as at this email with VOLUNTEER in the Subject line:

1. Your name and contacts, links to website, LinkedIn, social media

2. Brief info about yourself and why you want to participate

3. How much time a week you could donate to this project

4. Which part of our activity you would like to participate in



It includes but is not limited to:

1. Artists coordinator/communicator

2. Social media manager

3. Videographer

4. Photographer

6. Venue coordinator/scout

7. Help with creating, promoting, and supporting the webpage particularly devoted to this event

8. Flyers, posters designs, creating, distributions

9. Interviewer

10. Video editor

11. Social media manager

12. Help with catering

13. Help with artwork/artist transportation



please contact us at with VENUE in Subject line and let us know your name, contact, name and address of the venue.

We are looking to partner with business, public organization who value their involvement into community and we are ready to promote that venues in all out resources! 


·         IF YOU ARE A CATERING PROVIDER or want to sponsor project in other ways, please contact us at


With all additional questions please contact us at

NYC Culture Affairs


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