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ParaArts.org – Who We Are ?

We are a non-profit organization called Para Arts Foundation, Inc. Our purpose is to improve lives of disabled people with artistic inclinations by providing them with various venues of expressing their talents while addressing their special needs.

Our organization is planning to fulfill our aspirations by accomplishing several goals:

  • Support any talents of people with disabilities by promoting creative and visual arts events.
  • Help disabled persons to enhance their artistic potentials by providing them with individualized education.
  • Raise funds to launch several brands of various products to provide apparel for physically challenged individuals with sensitive skin and other special needs as well as accommodate cosmetics, nutritional products, household items, cutlery, etc.The Para Arts Foundation aims to encourage people with disabilities to express themselves through various art forms such as literature (poetry and prose), painting, comedy, music, fashion, dance, video and photography.The Para_Arts website is an online educational hub that provides a comprehensive platform for people with disabilities to find the productive access they need in today’s society, inspire and support their creative inclinations, and integrate their communication platform into our modern lives.


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We are a non-profit organization and you can donate right here: pa***********@gm***.com

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