Tiye Bharath

Tiye Bharath is one of our artist and program participants attended one of ADAPT Community Networks Day Habilitation centers in Brooklyn.
Artist Bio and statement: “I was born and raised in Brooklyn, and I still call it home at the age of 48. In school, I used to do needlepoint but due to the carpal tunnel in my hand, It’s too much for me and I found that painting is easier on my hands. There is a lot more stability in painting. Art making is a stress reliever, because its relaxing to mix colors, fill in the forms, and satisfying to complete at the end. I like the feeling that I get when the viewer sees the final results and there is a connection made between me, the painting, and the viewer. I started painting almost two years ago, when covid hit. I really enjoy painting as a hobby, and I turned it into my own personal business, taking on commissions. I would like to pursue painting as a professional. I go to Michaels to get supplies. I got inspired through an art class at my program with my art teacher who is wonderful at showing me how to put colors together. I have participated in pop up shops where I sell my work and I am getting ready to do so again in the near future.”

Author: Viktoriya

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