About Us

Para Arts Foundation, Inc. was founded by Viktoriya Gorelik. She was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy soon after birth in 1972. In 1998, she came in USA from Ukraine.
She has spent her whole life attempting to overcome its effects. She believes that the best coach to an individual with a disability is another person who can relate to a similar experience. That is why she created her website www.overcoming-cerebral-palsy.com in order to create informative and educational platform for people with CP.
Para Arts Foundation, Inc. is the next step toward helping people with disabilities. We believe that the best way to heal and overcome its effects – art and creativity. Para Art Foundation’s dream is to bring people with disabilities together to share their passion for the arts and contribute their inspirations into society and to help them through arts and creativity to become active members of the society.
The efforts of para art foundations and its founder were recognized by city of New York: certificates of achievements were received from government of city and state New York.

Meet the Team

Together we make world better !

Viktoriya Gorelik

Founder & CEO

Lives and works for our community in NYC.

Eric Teagan

Vice President

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Timothy Barrett


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